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Practice Areas

Barros Sales & Associados operates in a series of different legal areas, as it bases the conduction of cases in a relation of trust and proximity with a relatively constant list of Clients.

Our offices, located in the centre of Lisbon, have been open constantly in the same place since 1964, as a whole which combines clients and professional counseling, prolonged through several generations of Attorneys, united by a technical and ethical practice, which led, in 1990, to the present law firm.

This joint practice, combined with a personal proximity, has allowed the transmission, from generation to generation, of the values and knowledge which form our vision of the legal practice, as well as a considerable group of Clients, for whom personal trust is the essential bond with the Attorney.

For that reason, to cater to the different needs of its Clients, our firm acts on almost every area of the Law.

In particular, its activity is centered on the following branches of the Law:

- Contracts;
- Real Estate;
- Family and Minors;
- Inheritance;
- Copyright;
- Commercial Law;
- Corporate Law;
- Industrial Property;
- Labour;
- Private International Law;
- Administrative and Public Law;
- Tax;
- Crime.

All the Attorneys at our firm also conduct the cases for which they are responsible in the Court phase, an area which represents an important part of the firm’s activity.

As several of the firm’s associates act as Attorneys for the Swiss Embassy in Lisbon, as well as collaborate with the Swiss and Portuguese-German Chambers of Commerce in Portugal, the firm maintains a constant contact with Clients from those countries and each Attorney speaks English, German and French.

Our firm also acts frequently in the area of real estate and connected activities, conducting whole due diligences, namely obtaining and gathering documents, conducting searches and forming files for the Clients to evaluate business opportunities, as well as preparing and following up the negotiations and the acts of formalization of the said deals.